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Saint-Gobain - Designing a sales strategy for major product categories at Jewson

Saint-Gobain - Designing a sales strategy for major product categories at Jewson

Saint-Gobain - Designing a sales strategy for major product categories at Jewson

How Saint-Gobain owned Jewson used Crowdicity to harness the insights and opinion of customers to redefine their Kitchen Category offer.

Leading building materials and supplies merchant Jewson has 500 branches throughout the UK. Jewson’s kitchen category, whilst traditionally strong, had lost its way.

Through Crowdicity, Jewson initiated a mass online consultation. This was to an internal and external audience, over 3 months, via the Jewson Kitchens website and areas of the Kitchen business. The goal was to turn Jewson into a learning, innovative organisation.

1,200 customers and partners were invited into the specialist innovation community, 45% contributed original ideas, 64% collaborated on other people’s ideas and 70% casted votes. The process demonstrated that there was a strong appetite within the business for change.

Successful Outcomes

The view of Jon Thelwell, Managing Director - Showrooms. Jewson Ltd:

“I commissioned Crowdicity in 2012 whilst devising the business strategy for the Jewson Showroom business. Initially we opened the challenge of how we reinvigorate the business to branch colleagues, with the ambition to sense check the proposed strategy.

The team interacted within almost immediately, offering ideas and commenting on the key issues for the business. Over 40 strategic initiatives were launched on the back of using Crowdsourcing, most of which were revenue generating.

The impact of Crowdsourcing had a huge impact on the ‘hearts and minds’ and improved colleague buy-in to the new strategy as the team knew that they were largely responsible for its creation.

We then opened up the forum to customers who contributed positively with ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

I am positive that customer loyalty increased as a result and now always mandate Crowdsourcing as a priority in customer insight projects.

The partnership with Crowdicity produced excellent financial returns with an ROI of 1400%.”

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