No Technical Knowhow Required

Uncomplicated, speedy, non-technical set-up without the need for someone from IT.

Custom branding

Get up and running with your own look and feel in minutes

Incorporating your own logo, header image and colour scheme is easy. Our customer record is 9 minutes.

Custom branding

Be global: Out of the box language support

Engage your users in their own language. Crowdicity offers the following languages as standard:

English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, French Canadian, Dutch, Finnish and Swiss German.

Crowdicity can be also configured for other languages such as Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, Greek and all other cyrillic formats.

Email management

Create and send beautiful emails to you crowd straight from Crowdicity

No need for a separate email tool. You can manage lists, send branded emails: including invites, updates, and set automated emails for many events. Comprehensive reporting tools let you know who’s opening and who’s clicking through. So you can monitor the success of your campaigns.

Customised content management

Build, add and update your own unique web pages

Why build a separate website when you can customise Crowdicity to make it your own? We provide complete flexibility: from adding new pages using our simple content management system, to hooking into our API to deliver your own unique design. You’re in control.


Inspire your crowd

Keep your community fully engaged by reaching out with regular blogs posts. Announce new challenges, give daily summaries, share tips and advice and focus on great ideas.

Social media configuration

Connect your existing social networks to drive participation

Grow your crowd and promote yourself by embedding your existing social networks within your community.

Experience Crowdicity for yourself

Experience Crowdicity for yourself

Looking to discover and action the best ideas and insights from your customers, employees or partners?

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