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Maddocks discovers new ways to add value through innovation

Maddocks discovers new ways to add value through innovation

Maddocks discovers new ways to add value through innovation

Leading Australian law firm Maddocks uses Crowdicity to find creative solutions to key issues, enabling them to generate additional value for their clients and differentiate themselves in a competitive sector.

Innovating to stay ahead

The Australian law sector is crowded and fast-moving. Being innovative is essential if firms are to stand out.

Before implementing 'Madd Ideas', their Crowdicity Idea Management Platform, innovation at Maddocks wasn’t being prioritised in a systematic way. It had been reliant on individuals taking their own initiative to find a problem, work out a solution and then see it through to a conclusion. There was no firm-wide programme encouraging creative thinking, nor a formal process for gathering and assessing ideas.

The Innovation Strategy Group at Maddocks needed to drive a culture shift: giving people the tools, time and rewards they needed to find ways to do things better. Crowdicity gave them a way to embed innovation at every level of the firm.

Shaun Temby, Maddocks Innovation Partner and Michelle Eggleton, Crowdicity Director of Customer Success talk about 'Madd Ideas', the crowdsourcing initiative driving innovation at Maddocks.

Giving everyone a voice

Law firms are hierarchical, so when it comes to suggesting ideas, many younger or less experienced members of a firm will hang back to see what the partners think. By introducing Crowdicity’s open, collaborative platform to host ideas and discussions, Maddocks sent the message that innovation is everyone’s responsibility. Madd Ideas provides a single central hub that can educate employees about the innovation strategy and ensures their ideas have equal standing.

Easy implementation, high take-up

Crowdicity has empowered 550+ Maddocks employees to play their individual part in realising the firm’s innovation strategy. The platform’s ease of use, flexibility and functionality has meant integration has been fast, and engagement strong. In the 12 months since it launched, it has generated more than 49 ideas, and more than 1,200 votes have been cast by Maddocks partners and staff on those ideas.

In an industry that operates on billable hours, it was essential that the platform was easy to use, with little to no time needed for training. Employees can submit their ideas, vote or comment in just a minute or two.

Madd Ideas sits as an integral part of our innovation strategy in terms of engaging with our staff and keeping them up to date with what's happening.
Shaun Temby, Innovation Partner

Recognising the value of Ideas

Less than a year after launching its community, the firm already has 16 ideas in experimentation or implementation stage. It’s clear that innovation is now a driving force throughout the firm.

Successful ideas to date include allocating billable time for innovation projects, starting a reward programme for those who regularly participate on the platform, and creating an informal peer support network helping lawyers exchange knowledge. Their next step will be to include their clients’ ideas on the platform, helping them collaborate to find innovative solutions to solve their issues. Crowdicity has given them a clear path to adding value for clients and future-proofing their business.

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