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Driving continuous improvement in patient care in the NHS

Driving continuous improvement in patient care in the NHS

Driving continuous improvement in patient care in the NHS

Crowdicity has worked in partnership with the Innovation Team at Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust, the largest provider of healthcare in Dorset.


Dorset HealthCare is on a journey to improve its patient care. With over 5,000 employees it needed to ensure that everyone, everywhere was able to contribute to building an innovation culture within the Trust. Their desire was to harness the commitment and energy of all staff to bring exciting and fresh ideas to the forefront of the organisation.


Crowdicity was awarded the three year contract to deliver the social innovation platform and strategy for Dorset HealthCare. Working alongside the Trusts’ Innovation Unit, Directorate and IT Teams, we created a complete, bottom-up communication programme. This included branding, promotional collateral, videos and roadshows to launch the groundbreaking initiative across the whole Trust.

“Crowdicity is helping Dorset HealthCare University NHS Trust make innovation and its spread central to what we do, reduce costs, improve efficiency and significantly improve employee engagement.“
Jodi Brown, Head of Innovation & Business Development Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust


‘imatter’ is the Trust’s name for their Crowdicity innovation community. It has been quickly established as an integral communication tool within Dorset HealthCare. The platform is directly accessible via the Trust’s intranet and can even be accessed at home or through a smartphone. Its familiar feel has encouraged rapid signup (over 20% of all staff in the first month and half) and participation from all levels of the Trust from nurses and frontline staff to the Trust Chairman and CEO.

In the first three months, imatter captured over 1,430 individual contributions across ten challenges. This has resulted in a number of ideas being taken forward and adopted, one in as little as 22 hours.

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