Happy 70th Birthday NHS!

Amy Buckingham

Amy Buckingham
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Posted by Amy Buckingham in Customer Showcase on 5 July 2018

Today the NHS is celebrating its 70th Birthday along with all the innovative and dedicated people that are ensuring its continued success.

Crowdicity has had the pleasure of supporting the NHS in its innovation efforts, both nationally and at trust level, for many years. By enabling their diverse, creative and passionate employees to share ideas, crowdsourcing at the NHS has had a positive impact in driving both continuous improvement and breakthroughs in healthcare.

For the last six months, we’ve been helping the NHS to celebrate their 70-year anniversary by crowdsourcing ideas, feedback and insights from their employees, patients and partners.

Winners Of The Windrush Awards
The winners at the Windrush Awards

In partnership with Crowdicity, the NHS launched three independent open communities ‘Transforming perceptions of nursing and midwifery’, ‘Celebrating diversity and equality in the NHS’, and ‘70 Stars’. Each campaign was created to inspire and empower NHS staff and to encourage them to put forward and develop their ideas for improvements, process change and to showcase the incredible work of nurses, midwives and all those that have worked within the NHS since its creation.

Participation in the NHS 70 initiatives has been a learning experience for everyone involved. For me, it’s reaffirmed my belief in how powerful crowdsourcing can be when used as a technique to problem solve. I helped design communities and then passed over the baton to community managers to gather ideas that will influence and encourage a new generation to begin a career in nursing and midwifery; to reignite the passion and pride amongst existing nurses and midwives and to influence system leaders to champion these important careers.  Over two months more than 200 innovative solutions came from members of the crowd which, according to Bev Matthews, NHS Horizons, Delivery lead “transformed the typical top down approach - making everyone a leader who have the skills, commission and knowhow to share actionable thoughts and get the support to make a difference”.

Throughout the campaign we saw a wide range of people commenting, voting and collaborating on ideas. Furthermore, we saw that involving others led to turning ideas into actions. What started out as a group of individuals soon became a community collaborating in this process of idea sharing and encouraging each other in their passion for supporting new mothers and caring for the public. 

Nhs70 Winner
Dr Bijay Sinha - first-place star announced at Confed 18

To showcase those that have made an outstanding contribution to the NHS and continually supported the organisation; we helped set up a platform to engage more than 8,000 members of the public, patients and staff in the both the ‘Windrush’ and the ‘70 Stars’ awards. Together, these campaigns saw over 13,000 votes cast that determined the winners announced and celebrated this week. Having worked intensively to drive these campaigns, and then to witness the immense amount of nominations pouring into the platforms was incredibly exciting. Each nomination was supported by amazing images of the nominees in action - some going right back to the birth of the NHS - making each entry vivid and heartwarming.

I’m particularly grateful for what the NHS has achieved and I look forward to continuing our open innovation efforts with them to help drive excellence in healthcare.

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