Water Talkers - UKWIR's Open Community Opens Today

Marie Peach

Marie Peach
Senior Account Manager

Posted by Marie Peach in Customer Showcase on 27 February 2015

UK Water Industry Research look for fresh answers from the crowd to solve important water services challenges. 

We are excited to annnounce the opening of new online community, Water Talkers, a new open platform run by our partners 100% Open for the UK Water Industry Research. Launching on the 27th February, Water Talkers will last for 6 weeks and provide a unique opportunity for the public to voice opinions to the water companies about how we use and think about this valuable resource. You will be able to share your ideas with others and there are prizes to be won along the way. They will be asking for your thoughts on a range of different issues, from making water saving more fun to how we can all deal more efficiently with water waste. 

The platform, powered by Crowdicity, is being run by 100% Open for UKWIR - UK Water Industry Research- who are seeking fresh insights and ideas from the public in order to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing water companies in the UK. They want to understand how people feel about their water services and discover new ideas that could change people’s behaviour for everyone’s benefit.

We’re really looking forward to the discussions and ideas to come! If you want to get involved, join in here!.

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