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Marie Peach

Marie Peach
Senior Account Manager

Posted by Marie Peach in News on 9 November 2015

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Turn ideas into genuine value with the next generation of Crowdicity’s flexible and intuitive idea management platform.

The all-new Crowdicity is a result of detailed market analysis, extensive customer feedback and 4 years of industry experience. Crowdicity now encapsulates industry-leading open innovation principles within a beautiful, flexible and naturally engaging idea management platform.

Join 3 Mobile, WWF, P&G, the NHS and many more in giving your customers, employees and partners a platform on which to capture, iterate and collaborate on industry-changing ideas.

Contemporary design, powerful new features and deeper integration

Whether used for internal co-creation or open innovation, the all new Crowdicity has been carefully developed with 5 key qualities in mind:

  • User Experience
  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • ROI
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Less complexity, greater results

A cleaner, more contemporary design makes it easier for administrators and end users to set and engage with innovation challenges.

Dramatically improved navigation will transform the way you and your users browse and interact with challenges, ideas and each other.

The new Crowdicity is faster and more rewarding, driving more frequent and valuable engagement within any ideation process.

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Desktop and Mobile become one – ideation on the go

Crowdicity’s completely re-imagined platform has been designed to maximize crowd productivity. As well as a brand new desktop UI, a new mobile platform offers market-leading automation features that mean you get ideas as they happen, wherever and whenever that might be. We call it ‘ideation on the go’.

Supercharge your open innovation program with:

  • Grid and list views - view ideas and challenges across three columns, or in a list.
  • Categorised challenges - whether you have two challenges or two hundred, your users can now browse and discover them with ease.
  • Inline voting - capture votes quicker with in-line voting and see at-a-glance which ideas you have voted on.
  • Idea milestones – automate the progression of ideas in a Challenge based on criteria configured by you. Align idea development and evaluation with your pre-established processes and pose questions at any stage to increase rigour, collaboration and future success.
  • Improved layouts - clearer, easier to read challenge and idea layouts. Find what you want faster and get the insights you need all in one place.
  • One-click admin – we’ve improved access to admin and moderation tools to allow your community managers to respond quicker.
  • Voting wallet – for those who want to encourage more considered voting and create greater discrimination between ideas.
  • Responsive navigation – get around faster and in fewer clicks.
  • New Mobile platform – mobile and desktop are intrinsically linked, providing your community with a beautiful, familiar user experience across all platforms
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It’s impossible to know what transformational ideas will be submitted by your communities, or the extent to which the changes will affect your future. What we do know is what is required to make crowdsourcing ideas easy.

If you’re an administrator of a Crowdicity community, login and switch to the new Crowdicity today.

If you’d like to learn more about harnessing the power of Crowdicity for your organisation, arrange a demo today.

Experience Crowdicity for yourself

Experience Crowdicity for yourself

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