Crowdicity set to create 20 software development jobs in Nottingham

Marie Peach

Marie Peach
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Posted by Marie Peach in News on 7 August 2015

The leading crowdsourcing platform has said it is committed to Nottingham - and is looking to expand in the city.

Crowdicity, which supplies cloud-based innovation software, which also has offices in London and Sydney, says Nottingham is the perfect place from which to base its global business, and is looking to boost staff numbers.

Rob Wilmot, CEO and founder of Crowdicity, said: “We’re now servicing big brands and international customers so we need to be in London and Sydney, but we are going to stay headquartered in Nottingham and will continue to grow our product development and technical abilities.

We're committed to growth and increasing employment and we’re proud to have been born and based in Nottingham.
Rob Wilmot, CEO and founder of Crowdicity

“We're committed to growth and increasing employment and we’re proud to have been born and based in Nottingham. The city has a rich heritage of innovative tech-based companies and initiatives such as the Creative Quarter are creating a real buzz and bringing the best talent into Nottingham. We’re most definitely a part of that and we want to grow alongside our peers so that Nottingham has one of the best tech clusters in the UK.”

Wilmot says that the talent pool in Nottingham is second-to-none. “There are now over 1 million people living in the wider Nottingham city area, and there are 55,000 students at Nottingham’s two leading universities, and as a result we have access to an excellent talent pool. We’re looking to create five software development jobs immediately, with 20 more over the next 12 months, and I’d urge anyone with an ambition to work for one of the city’s fastest-growing, most innovative tech firms to get in touch.”

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