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Marie Peach

Marie Peach
Senior Account Manager

Posted by Marie Peach in Customer Showcase on 13 February 2015

Make history - Help crowdsource the first ever UK constitution

Here at Crowdicity we love sharing ideas, and we also love sharing exciting communities that are helping other people to share their ideas! In this edition, the London School of Economics are asking public for their views on what should be included in the first ever UK constitution.

The UK doesn’t have a written constitution: unlike many other countries, we don’t have a single document that spells out the values of our country and the rules around how it should be governed. The closest document we have is the Magna Carta - which is about to celebrate its 800th birthday. 

It’s about time we updated things a little.

As part of a world-first crowdsourcing project, the London School of Economics is using Crowdicity to ask the public for their views on what should be included in the first ever UK constitution. This unique community is gathering the views of the public up and down the country and is asking everyone to share their ideas to help shape the first ever UK Constitution. The ideas posted on the site will be gathered and put together to form a single document that the LSE will present to the UK parliament later this year. 

So what do you think makes us British? Queueing? The Queen? Politeness? What values should be pinned down - care for the elderly? The right to free healthcare? Free and fair education for all? Get involved and tell the LSE what would be in YOUR constitution. 

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