New Feature - Customise and reorder challenge idea filters

Marie Peach

Marie Peach
Senior Account Manager

Posted by Marie Peach in News on 14 March 2014

We've made it easier for challenge owners to customise the challenge idea tabs. Now you can choose which tabs you want to be visible, and which to show as the default view for your users.

Often the most discussed ideas make for the most interesting reading and encourage conversation and collaboration. On the other hand you may want to show the top voted ideas and prompt your community to vote and participate in competition. We also know that showing a random stream of ideas mixes things up a bit and gives each idea equal airplay. You may even want to select a view with no tabs at all or just the one filter that makes the most sense to your challenge.

Now you can do all these things by simply choosing how you want to display and filter the ideas within each challenge.

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In an admin account, click on Crowd Management

In Challenges/Edit, you will now see the below. Here you can decide how your community will view the ideas.

Ideas Tab Backend 53232aecf2e13

Try these views out in different ways with your crowd and see how your community responds. 

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