Crowdicity demystifies Crowdsourcing at DMA event

Marie Peach

Marie Peach
Senior Account Manager

Posted by Marie Peach in News on 9 January 2014

Today our Founder and CEO, Rob Wilmot is delivering a talk at a DMA event in Manchester.

In attendance at the event on 9th Jan are key players from organisations including Liverpool FC, MBNA and Mail Newspapers.

Rob will be talking about the Crowdicity innovation platform, and explaining how organisations can harness the power of crowdsourcing and mass collaboration on a business level. He will be discussing how harnessing the knowledge of the crowd through crowdsourcing is not a ‘dark art’ but a complimentary business tool, which is very much a part of our business landscape.

The focus will be strongly on the concept of communities within the business world; those that exist and those that we create. The aim of the talk will be to help people understand the possibilities of managing these communities to the benefit of the organisation. Companies all over the world are seeing quantitative results from consulting their communities on anything from products and branding, to innovative solutions to business challenges. Increasing numbers of organisations are realising that there is previously untapped value in opening up the discussion to their members, using crowdsourcing technology as a tool.

Rob Wilmot's talk, with questions encouraged from the floor, will aim to give the audience good grounding on the reasons that mass collaboration in business is here to stay. The Direct Marketing Association, or DMA promotes direct marketing, informs consumers of safeguards, and promotes the DMA as their protector, contact point and regulator. With more than 1000 members across the UK, the DMA have been leading the way in direct marketing since 1992.

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