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Marie Peach

Marie Peach
Senior Account Manager

Posted by Marie Peach in News on 19 December 2013

This year, instead of sending printed cards to all our customers, we have donated money to WWF and UNICEF for two fantastic projects.

Restoring the Tanzanian rainforest

Rainforests are the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. They hold thousands of undiscovered species, potential medicines and indigenous peoples. Rainforests also provide us with clean air and are an indispensable carbon sink, but they are often undervalued, exploited, misunderstood and deforested. Only 30% of the ancient trees in the rainforests of Tanzania are still standing, due to clearing for farming and logging. This fuels climate change, depletes drinking water supplies, and destroys critical habitat. Our donation to WWF will buy seedlings to help replant the forests, and contribute to the restoration of one of the oldest forests in the world.

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Emergency Family Water Kits

Families fleeing to refugee camps during conflict or after a natural disaster often lack access to safe water, as supplies can become contaminated. The money we are donating to UNICEF will buy emergency family water kits to be used when communities in these devastating circumstances. These life-saving water kits enable them to collect store and even purify water. The kits contain collapsible water containers, buckets with lids, soap and water purification tablets.

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Find out how you can donate to these and other projects WWF and UNICEF are involved in by clicking the links above. 

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