Five reasons to ask the crowd

Rob Wilmot

Rob Wilmot
Founder & CEO

Posted by Rob Wilmot in Social Business on 21 November 2013

Some of those work problems keeping you up at night? Here are some thoughts on why you should ask your crowd for the answers. 

1. It’s quicker

Crowdsourcing saves time, simple as that. Opening up the challenges you’re facing to your staff can save you months of working through the problems, even with your project teams on board. The developments you have planned to get started by the end of next year could begin work by tomorrow, with everybody in the company thinking up a solution. Innovation happens faster in the crowd.

2. Someone already knows the answer…

…you only have to ask. For any challenge in your business someone in the company already has the answer, so why not ask the crowd?

Whatever great ideas you think you have, someone else in the company may have an even more innovative idea that could save you money, change the way you look at a project, or even revolutionise the way you work.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
Helen Keller

3. Crowdsourcing will give you different perspectives

Thinking outside the box isn’t always easy, but when people start to work together across boundaries and on multiple levels, you’re bound to experience breakthrough thinking. One thing is guaranteed - your staff will surprise you. How do you know if your receptionist has had a brilliant money-saving idea if they have never had an opportunity to let you know?

4. It will improve your relationships with staff

By giving your staff a voice you’re instantly involving them in the business in a way they will appreciate, and giving them a chance to increase their profile. Engaging employees with innovation projects is proven to increase morale, so while they’re coming up with great ideas for your company, their relationships with their roles, their colleagues and the business in general will improve.

Staff who have never met before, or who may not even work in the same country will begin to collaborate, resulting in skill-sharing on a global scale that may often go on long after the project is over.

5. It will help you discover hidden talent

Within your company, you have people with hidden skills and talents for innovation, and you may be surprised how many of them care passionately about certain areas of your business. Don’t let those skills go to waste - discover them! 

Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so.
Doris Lessing

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