About Crowdicity

Crowdicity is a leader in innovation software, empowering our customers to harness the knowledge, experience and creativity of their people to discover new ideas, new perspectives, insights and opportunities.

We believe that buried deep within every organisation and community there are ideas - or the spark of them - that never see the light of day. At Crowdicity, we make the software that ignites this potential and lets it shine.

That could be on a global scale; our work with the United Nations to address the complex challenges facing society today, for instance. It could be city-wide; the government of Rio de Janeiro used us to crowdsource ideas for the city's Olympic legacy. Or it could be within companies; big brands like Virgin Australia, Schroders, ABC, Intuit and the Red Cross use Crowdicity to engage employees, partners and stakeholders to drive a culture of innovation and increase to increase the speed and collaboration with which they innovate products and processes.

Were a leading provider of idea management software with offices in the UK - London and Nottingham; USA - New York; and in Sydney Australia.

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Experience Crowdicity for yourself

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