Share Ideas and collaborate on concepts

Users can post ideas, upload supporting images, documents and even videos. Ideas can be universally collaborated on and discussed by the whole community or just specific teams. Good ideas can be made great, issues can be highlighted and your people can inspire change and improvement.

Customise your idea capture

Customise your idea capture

At Crowdicity we know that the quality of the ideas you get from your community depends greatly on the questions you ask. This is why we enable you to customise your idea capture form challenge by challenge, which means that you can ask exactly the questions you want to capture precisely the information you need. Change headers, add new fields, you can even tweak your idea capture as your challenge progresses to encourage idea authors to evolve and expand on their idea.

Custom voting

Custom voting

Crowdicity’s ‘show of hands’ voting process is a powerful tool for evaluating and identifying the ideas and comments of greatest benefit, allowing the good ideas to rise to the surface. In addition, different voting schema can be applied to challenges, including:

  • No voting – turn it off
  • Thumbs up / thumbs down – like an idea / don’t like an idea
  • Star voting – set the number of stars / when the average score kicks in
  • Open or blind voting – everyone can see how the voting is going or limit visibility of the voting to challenge owners
  • Custom evaluation criteria – get ideas scored and graded against a custom evaluation criteria

Anti-gaming of votes and comments

Anti-gaming of votes and comments

We have introduced a number of measures to safeguard against vote spamming and gaming of the system. Users can’t vote on their own idea and they can only vote for an idea once. The system also monitors and prevents block voting and commenting.

Idea filters

Idea filters

Latest contributions, top votes, most commented and most active ideas can all be viewed at a single click. In addition to the standard idea filters Crowdicity also offers a ‘Random’ filter within each challenge which displays a varied selection of ideas each time a user visits the site.

Show the community which ideas you like

Show the community which ideas you like

Assign custom status to ideas such as under consideration, shortlisted, shelved and winning. Ideas can also be closed to any further comments or votes but can remain visible within the community.

Progress ideas to the next stage

Progress ideas to the next stage

Move ideas along your Challenge Stage process. Move ‘all’ ideas into the next phase of a challenge or let your challenge moderators pick just the ideas that they want to shortlist and progress and continue to develop.

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