Meet challenges and solve problems

Crowdicity allows you to launch any number of rolling innovation challenges which your community responds to with their ideas. Challenges can be broken down into different categories or themes or kept as a single direct question. You can add supporting information, images, documents, files and videos etc. – anything you need to frame the challenge accurately.

Challenge management

Challenge management

Our challenge management feature sits at the heart of Crowdicity. It has the flexibility and power to be applied to a wide range of scenarios while being really easy for your users.

Our challenge management capability is one of our key USPs. Its flexibility enables you to run challenges in a variety of different ways:

  • Setting questions and gathering answers
  • Posing challenges and getting solutions which you can sift, sort and evaluate in real time
  • Inspiring creative collaborative thinking
  • Running inducement competitions to find winning concepts
  • Suggesting solutions and evaluating feedback
  • Connecting people and encouraging collaboration
  • Run as many different challenges as you want
  • Have different owners for different challenges

Challenges are posted, the crowd invited, ideas are gathered, collaborated on and evaluated in real-time. Run as many different challenges as you want. Have different business owners for different challenges.

Innovation stage manager

Innovation stage manager

Drive the idea gathering and evaluation process, from inspiration through to full evaluated, market-tested concepts

Our innovation stage management tools make it easy to set up and manage challenges through a series of ‘stages’ or ‘gates’. This helps you capture, shortlist, evaluate and funnel ideas. You can fully define and customise your innovation stage gates, even aligning your stages to your own internal innovation process.

Timed challenges

Timed challenges

Focus your crowd

Set timed challenges with ‘start’ and ‘end’ dates for each stage of the challenge. This can be in hours/days/weeks to drive urgency and stimulate a response. You can also trigger automated actions at the end of each stage.

Target challenges at different users

Target challenges at different users

Make challenges private to selected users, or make them open to all

Invite different users into different stages of the challenge. Create and manage custom user groups based on criteria such as expertise, knowledge and department. Custom user groups are a great way to organise and manage the users on the system.

  • Manage access to content and challenges around the system and the permissions of what users can do within challenge stages;
  • Create a management team user group and create challenges that only the management team can participate in. You could have a ‘jury’ user group whose role it is to evaluate the shortlisted ideas on a challenge or you may want to get input from your external suppliers during an early inspiration phase;
  • Create as many custom user groups as they like;
  • Search and filter users based on activity, profile, expertise, custom fields etc.
  • Pre-invite users to user groups.

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