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Crowdicity also features a variety of automated alerts and notification emails to keep your community involved, informed and engaged.

Full email management system

Full email management system

Send custom email, direct from Crowdicity whenever you want, to whoever you want.

Crowdicity is unique in that it comes with its very own integrated Email Management System to keep your community informed and engaged. There is no need for a third party system, this is the easy way to create and send branded email messages direct to your community, teams and individuals. You can even create templated messages which you can re-edit and re-send each week or month.Launching new challenges, sharing updates and announcing successes has never been simpler.

Email alerts

Email alerts

Your users can control their own alert settings. They can choose to get notifications when a user votes or comments on their idea, when someone follows them, when they receive a reply to one of their comments or when their idea changes gets progressed. They can also ‘favourite’ challenges, ideas and people to ensure their updates and activity appear in the users own personal Ideas Stream.

Gamification: reputation ranking and user leader board

Gamification: reputation ranking and user leader board

Crowdicity helps you identify your ‘rising stars’, and build engagement and friendly competition amongst users. It also gives you a way to recognise, showcase and reward positive contributions.

Crowdicity’s reputation ranking feature and leader board lets you see who your top users are at a glance. Crowdicity rewards the most valuable user contributions within your community and specific challenges, encouraging quality ideas and frequent participation.

Our gamification system rewards value and not just engagement. So the more value you add to the community the more points you get. Points can be translated into tangible rewards.

Integrated blogs

Integrated blogs

One of Crowdicity’s most popular features is our integrated blogging engine. Our inbuilt blogging tools enable you to create and publish new blog posts, build online knowledge banks, share inspiration, videos, images, post idea updates, announce new challenges and document tips and advice. Anyone can be invited to become a blog author.

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