Tailor Crowdicity to reflect your organisation

One of the most popular aspects of Crowdicity is how good it looks. Crowdicity can be fully branded and customised to reflect your creative and identity. Colourways, logos, banners, buttons, links, backgrounds can all easily be updated and uploaded and you don’t need to be a creative and technical genius to make it look fantastic.

Social media design

Social media design

Crowdicity is visual, easy to use, welcoming and intuitive. It has been designed to be closer to a user’s online and social media experience than grey, boxy corporate software to encourage participation

Create custom content pages

Create custom content pages

Crowdicity comes with its own inbuilt Content Management System that enables you to easily and effortlessly add additional pages to your community such as About Us, FAQs, meet the team, our goals, contact us and so on.

Embed custom HTML and snippets

Or for the little more adventurous you can create and embed custom HTML code, build your own pages and upload them to Crowdicity or add snippets from third party solutions like Eventbrite, Survey Monkey and YouTube.

Control user access rights and priveleges

Control user access rights and priveleges

Crowdicity has all the tools you need to invite and manage your crowd, including bulk user invite, sign­up request authorisation, IP restricted access, social media integration and user blacklisting.

Moderation by challenge

Moderation by challenge

Community admins and moderators can be easily set-up by challenge or community wide. Moderators have a full set of moderation tools at their disposal that enable them to edit, close, remove and move ideas, change the status and oversee every aspect of running a challenge.

Tailored Moderation

The moderation strength of your communities can be set as high or as low as you need. You have the option to review all ideas before publishing or moderate ideas once live.

Crowd-powered moderation

Inappropriate, duplicate or off-topic ideas and comments can be reported and flagged for moderation by the users of the community. Moderators can approve, reject, edit, remove or close any idea or comment.

Experience crowdicity for yourself

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