Crowdicity connects your people

Crowdicity gives you all the tools you need to connect your people together in an exciting and engaging way. We call it Innovation Dating™ – the ability to bring together audiences that may never usually meet, in a place where the magic happens.

Expert profiles

Expert profiles

Every user has their own personal user profile, which can be viewed by the other users in the community. Each user can choose the level of information that they want to give out and can add a profile picture and biog if they choose. Users can also check out other users’ activity and browse their ideas and contributions.

Customised user profile fields

Customised user profile fields

With Crowdicity, you can fully customise your user profile fields. Capture the user data you need, add new headings, create dropdown menus, choose which fields are mandatory, and which aren’t. These fields can then be filtered and reported against and will form part of the users’ profiles. The system even walks users through the sign-up process.

Build your expert network and collaborate

Build your expert network and collaborate

Users can also make Twitter-style follow connections with other users within the community. By connecting, your people can begin to collaborate and share insights and recommendations and build their own personal expert network within Crowdicity.

Personalised activity streams

Personalised activity streams

Just like your Facebook ‘news feed’, Crowdicity’s ‘Idea Stream’ gives users a personal and real-time idea view of activity from around the community. This could be who has voted on an idea they have posted, or updates from their favourite challenge, announcements from community moderators or recommendations from a fellow user they are following.

Social media and email-sharing tools

Social media and email-sharing tools

You can keep your Crowdicity community private, or you can open it up to whole world. Through optional integration with email and over 250 social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ you can empower your users to spread the word, promote challenges and share their ideas across their friends and networks.

Build your community virally

Build your community virally

With Crowdicity’s ‘recommend a friend’ feature you can empower your community and help you recruit new users. Private community users can invite colleagues based on pre-set restrictions such as email address.

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