Build knowledge in a bank of ideas

Crowdicity builds into a valuable knowledge resource. You have the ability to close and archive single ideas or entire challenges, creating a knowledge bank of ideas and insight that can be searched and called upon at any point in the future.

Archiving and mining knowledge

Archiving and mining knowledge

Clients who have had Crowdicity running for six months or more see real value in the archiving and knowledge bank that is built up over time. For example, a client wanted to work on their customer service. So they searched Crowdicity for customer service ideas and people. They found some great insight, some early stages ideas and some real customer service champions…all within 15 minutes.

Sophisticated search

Sophisticated search

Searching is easy. Crowdicity has a powerful fuzzy search system that makes it simple to find ideas, experts and insights based on keywords and trending or popular meta data tags.

Administration dashboards

Administration dashboards

You are kept in the picture at all times. An at-a-glance administration dashboard gives community administrators instant visibility and insight on the activity around the platform., challenge performance, activity metrics and usage levels.

Trend analysis

Trend analysis

You’re always up to date. Crowdicity provides you with vital real-time insight into what your community cares about. You can see at a glance which ideas are proving the most popular or stimulating the most debate. You can pick-up on up-to-the minute trending keywords and topics then react and respond in an instant.

Exporting data

Exporting data

Administrators can mine and export data files directly from the challenge. This could be user activity data, challenge data, ideas, comments and voting. These can be exported as CSV format files for easy importing into Excel or other data management systems. You can also set filters and time parameters.

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