Access from anywhere

Because Crowdicity is web­-based it means your people can access and post ideas from anywhere in the world, at home, at your desk, or on the move.

Access through mobiles and tablets

Access through mobiles and tablets

Crowdicity can be accessed through any mobile or tablet device. Responsive design makes Crowdicity compatible with iOS / Android / Blackberry devices. It means your people can access your Crowdicity community when they are out in the field, at home or on the move

Private or open access

Private or open access

Crowdicity can be configured to deliver both the open and secure private access versions. Only authorised users will be able to access private communities while open communities can be free for anyone to join and participate.

Data feeds

Data feeds

Whether you need Crowdicity to be a seamless extension of an existing website or intranet or standalone, Crowdicity delivers the technical flexibility to adapt to your organisation’s needs providing data feeds which can then be pulled into external webpages or internet systems.

Social media integration

Social media integration

Crowdicity integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN and Linkedin allowing your users to quickly access your community via their existing social media accounts if you so wish.

Single Sign-on

Access Crowdicity through your existing network or systems. Crowdicity supports key­ based logins ­ we can accept requests from your servers for a login key for a particular user that you will have already authenticated, likely through your intranet. This key can be requested as part of a redirect page on your site (or simply embedded as a link on your site), which can then forward the user onto Crowdicity.

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