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The goal of Crowdicity’s Partner Programme is to help you grow your business, your profits, your customer base and your market presence. Our Partners resell and implement Crowdicity to organisations all around the world providing complementary consultancy and innovation services across all market sectors. Your success is our success and you can count on us to support you every step of the way.

Benefits of being a Crowdicity Partner

There are many benefits to being a Crowdicity Partner. Here are just a few:

  • Financial rewards – we create the optimal profit for our Partners, generating significant revenue opportunities. It is free to be a Partner of Crowdicity, and we reward Partners for performance and commitment. The more you sell with us, the better your margins and overall success.

  • Enhances your offering – adding Crowdicity as a complementary service adds real value to your own consultancy offering. We help create a real point of difference that provides a genuine competitive standout. Thanks to our extensive product portfolio and high customer renewal rate, our resellers are easily able to grow revenue year after year.

  • Resources to grow your business – Crowdicity supports the provision of our innovation platform through access to co-marketing resources, sales material, participation in social media, press and promotional opportunities.

  • Training and support benefits – we equip you with pre- sales and technical support, platform training and an online knowledge base. Our on-going Partner communications ensure you have everything you need to successfully accelerate sales and grow your business.

Our Global Partnership network

Crowdicity is proud to have a strong team of strategic Partners around the globe including:


100%Open is a specialist open innovation agency that helps large organisations create value by innovating with others.

100%Open offers the bespoke services of strategic planning, programme design and delivery, training and venturing. They combine business acumen with extensive hands-on experience of implementing successful open innovation by bringing these external stakeholders into the heart of your innovation strategy and making the dream of ‘shared risk and shared reward’ happen.

C Space

C Space help brands rethink the role of customers from sales target to strategic asset. The result is Customer Inspired Growth.

By infusing the customer’s perspective into every part of an organization, we can help to solve big challenges and make better decisions, faster.

C Space’s Customer Quotient (CQ) research proves that the brands that genuinely understand their customers outperform the competition.


Fluxx is an innovation company that creates new products and services to drive growth for established brands. Fluxx employs its skills and experience gained in over 15 years of working with brands and consumer-facing businesses of all kinds, helping them interact and transact with customers.

Their people understand brands, consumers, digital technology, content, innovation, and how to organise and run businesses to deliver complex projects involving rich media and technology.


e-CommonSense is a boutique consultancy advising brand owners and corporates on multi-channel retail strategies, operations and technologies.

e-CommonSense has over 15 years’ experience in eCommerce, distribution and logistics, customer experience, IT and back office ERP integration.


Enviu is an international organisation that sets up companies focused on tackling the world’s larger social and ecological problems. Enviu’s companies focus on the improvement of living standards and the living environment of large groups of vulnerable people.

Enviu has developed a systematic approach to innovation, co-creation and the setting up of replicable social ventures. In recent years, over 13 social ventures have been set up in Sub-Saharan Africa, India and the Netherlands, partly thanks to Enviu.

Enviu was founded in 2004 by Stef van Dongen. The Rotterdam company now employs 25 people and has regional offices in Nairobi (Kenya), San Francisco (USA) and Bangalore (India).


Inventium believes that groundbreaking outcomes never happen by chance.

Inventium applies the proven science of innovation to help partners accelerate growth, transform with confidence, innovate and thrive.

Inventium’s pioneering methodology builds on leading psychology, neuroscience, management science and cognitive science to make innovation more powerful, scalable and repeatable. Taking the chance out of change. This holistic, evidence-based approach has helped partners great and small—to solve the impossible, seize untapped opportunities, transform cultures, and build capabilities that endure long after they’ve gone.

Each year Inventium helps unearth Australia’s ‘Most Innovative Companies’, in partnership with the Australian Financial Review. They also frequently publish and talk on the benefits of a science-based approach to innovation.


Based in the Netherlands, Novigi is a consortium of consultants all working in the area of Innovation.

From SME to Enterprise, Novigi helps organisations develop and refine their innovation activities by implementing Crowdicity and overseeing idea management processes.


SWARAYA is a regional Latin America IT Consulting and Integration company based in Mexico, specialising in Open Data and Idea Management solutions, focusing on helping Internet and non-Internet companies and governments to have the tools and knowledge required to use the internet as a working aid.


Madano are specialist communications consultants with expertise in demanding sectors where communications are critical to success including energy, the built environment, technology innovation and health.

Madano use in-depth knowledge and expertise of these sectors to deliver insight, communication and creative solutions that make a tangible difference to our clients and their employees and stakeholders.

Madano use Crowdicity when working with organisations in transition to create an employee-led process and to help clients develop and embed a culture of innovation from CEO to graduate recruit.

Atomic Sky

Perth-based Atomic Sky is Crowdicity’s delivery partner in Western Australia. With a focus on bringing the principles and benefits of Lean Startup to corporate enterprises, particularly in IoT, FinTech and Data, Atomic Sky applies start-up thinking to give companies an edge over their competitors with rapid validation of new products or services.

Also providing workshops, incubator programs and access to a range of innovation services focused on design thinking and ideation, Atomic Sky helps companies to innovate, accelerate and launch successful products.

“Fluxx enjoys working with Crowdicity, we’re on the same wavelength. The guys are always looking for new and better ways to do things, listening to customers and wanting to do the right thing. They’re an innovative company, not just an innovation software supplier” Gary Wilson. Partner - Financial Services and Enterprise Consulting at Flux[x]

“Crowdicity is my favourite innovation platform – and you can quote me on that!” David Simoes-Brown, Founder 100% Open

Become a Crowdicity Partner

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