February 03 2014

New Feature - Scores can be amended by admins

by Marie Peach-Geraghty, posted in Product Updates on 3 February 2014

Community Admins can now change the scores!

Community managers now have the ability to choose community-specific score values for the points you earn on the platform. Our customers told us that the built-in scores were not always appropriate to their platforms. Because of this we’ve added a score amendment area in the back end, so that your platform can be even more tailor-made to your own organisation.

As a result of this function going live, on 4th of February you may see your scores change ever so slightly.

If you’re an administrator on the site take a look at the screenshot to see how you change your own community’s scores in Crowd Management.

Don’t want scores at all? Set them all to 0.

We hope you’ll like this new addition, but please contact us at Team Crowdicity if you have any questions.


Written by Marie Peach-Geraghty for Crowdicity

Marie Peach-Geraghty

Marie is an experienced account manager, having previously spent 5 years at Avery Dennison handling a range of high profile clients. As an Acccount Manager at Crowdicity, Marie has been on board with the…

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