October 14 2014

Crowdicity co-founder takes to the stage at Crowdsourcing Week Europe

by Marie Peach-Geraghty, posted in News & Events on 14 October 2014

This week we’re saying ‘hej’ to Crowdsourcing Week Europe, as our co-founder Nick Wright addresses industry peers and the crowdsourcing community in his keynote speech at the annual conference in Copenhagen. Nick's talk earlier today was about Fast Track Innovation: Making Ideas Manageable, Transparent and Permanent.

A regular speaker at crowdsourcing events, Nick jumped at the chance to offer his professional insight at one of the industry’s most talked-about and popular events. Joining over 40 crowdsourcing experts from around the world, Crowdsourcing Week is a global initiative that aims to help organisations to develop a more connected and socially productive society.

Speaking from the three day event today, Nick said: “Businesses and organisations are beginning to realise the huge opportunities that crowdsourcing presents. Society is more connected now than at any other time in human history. All the facts we need are available at our fingers tips; our news reaches us the moment it happens. We are able to reach out via the internet and instantly interact with hundreds thousands, even millions of people as never before. Mass collaboration is becoming second nature and the Internet has made collaboration a social process.”

Nick’s chosen topic, Fast Track Innovation, highlighted the importance of driving outcomes when it comes to streamlining and communicating ideas for businesses and organisations. Working with clients such as the NHS, P&G and the UN to name but a few, Crowdicity are experts at setting up and running such solutions that allow ideas from participants to be viewed, shared and discussed in a transparent online community.

The crowdsourcing industry is playing a huge role in the development and growth of businesses and organisations, encouraging ideas that can be curated in a truly social environment. Nick believes it’s important that we continue on this upward march, which is why the focus of his talk today really centred around how ideas are best harnessed once collated: “Crowdsourcing Week is a fantastic opportunity for Crowdicity to stand up and be counted as we explore the power of online collaboration. It’s been a valuable experience so far, and a great chance to connect with some of the leading crowdsourcing minds.”

Founded in 2011 when Ludvik+Partners and Collective Bias organised the event ‘How Crowdsourcing is Changing the Advertising Business’ during Internet Week 2011, Crowdsourcing Week now hosts annual events around the world - most recently in Brussels and Singapore.

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Written by Marie Peach-Geraghty for Crowdicity

Marie Peach-Geraghty

Marie is an experienced account manager, having previously spent 5 years at Avery Dennison handling a range of high profile clients. As an Acccount Manager at Crowdicity, Marie has been on board with the…

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