January 29 2014

A World First - Crowdicity and the UN; First official crowdsourced document

by Marie Peach-Geraghty, posted in Press Releases on 29 January 2014

First-ever crowdsourced official United Nations document delivered to Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon

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ITU leverages Crowdicity to reveal the ICT ideas of 8,000 of the world’s young people

Press release Jan 2014

Crowdicity, the leading Idea Management platform, has partnered with the United Nations to create the first-ever crowdsourced document to be granted official UN status. The project, Beyond 2015, was a unique global initiative designed to encourage young people to create solutions for social good and inform world leaders about their priorities for the ICT sector.

The final set of priorities, crowdsourced using Crowdicity, was delivered to the United Nations General Assembly by the President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla. It was then granted official status by Ban Ki-moon, marking a significant shift in the way the UN is driving global discussion and harnessing external views.

The platform resulted in: 27,000 votes and comments, 16 million reach on Twitter, 74 different languages, 1,000 unique ideas, 2,700 contributors, 173 featured countries, - One crowdsourced UN Declaration

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN’s specialised agency for information and communication technologies, worked alongside Crowdicity to launch the global ideas platform, which coincided with the Beyond 2015 on-site summit in Costa Rica. The final declaration is not only the first ever crowdsourced document to be granted official status by the United Nations, but also the first time in the ITU’s 150 year history that a document it has created has ever been formally recognised by the UN.

As well as the 700 young people from 68 nationalities who gathered at the summit in person, the Crowdicity community allowed a further 8,000 people from 173 countries to virtually tune in online, share ideas and participate in remote workshops from all over the globe. Young people in countries as diverse as Zimbabwe, Tunisia and Ethiopia logged on to share their opinions – an operation which would previously have been impossible.

In total, the three-month crowdsourcing project gathered 1,000 unique ideas and over 27,000 votes and comments. Key ideas included calls for member states to make openness and accountability more feasible online, and for rights to freedom of speech, association and privacy online to mirror those in the real world.

“Crowdicity has brought an entirely new perspective and dimension to the Summit and has brought young people together from around the world.”

Robert Shaw, Head of the Innovation Division at the International Telecommunication Union, said: “Crowdicity has enabled us to have an insight into issues that affect young people from all over the world. Crowdicity has brought an entirely new perspective and dimension to the Summit and has brought young people together from around the world, uniting them in a common cause that highlights the need to use ICTs for the good of society so that everyone can benefit in the future.”

“This project has really demonstrates the power of crowdsourcing to drive meaningful engagement and change on a global scale.”

Nick Wright, Founder and CEO of Crowdicity, added: “The declaration document is unique in that it represents the combined voice of thousands of young people from all around the world. This was the precise intention of the initiative, not to prescribe specific actions or areas for follow-up, but to ask young people their priorities with a promise that their messages reached policy and decision makers at the highest level.

“We are proud that Crowdicity platform was the platform used to create this historic UN document. This project really demonstrates the power of crowdsourcing to drive meaningful engagement and change on a global scale. Our Crowdicity platform has allowed the ITU to create something truly reflective of the voice and opinions of the global youth – which is the very essence of crowdsourcing as a process.”

What’s next?

With further projects with the UN planned during 2014, Crowdicity is building on two years’ of amazing growth – which sees them boast customers such as John Lewis, LEGO, WWF, P&G and the NHS – to expand the business into new global markets. Founders Nick Wright and Rob Wilmot have recently appointed investment bank Innovator Capital to manage its Series A funding round, which will see Crowdicity reinforce its goal to become the global leader in Enterprise Social Collaboration and Idea Management software.

The declaration will now be used to support Beyond 2015’s bid to provide a legitimate successor to the Millennium Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. The 2013 Costa Rica declaration can be read in full here. For more on the project as a whole, please visit ITU’s dedicated page or search the #BYND2015 hashtag on Twitter.

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Written by Marie Peach-Geraghty for Crowdicity

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