P&G Wella Shockwaves Consumer Co-creation

P&G is one of the world’s largest consumer product manufacturers. The company wanted to better understand the target consumer of its Wella Shockwaves brand, in order to create and validate its digital marketing and communications plan.

P&G Shockwaves Co-creation Community

The P&G Shockwaves Co-creation community

Using traditional room based focus groups to develop a communications plan can take many months and cost several hundred thousand pounds; getting consumers in a room, conducting iterative quantitative studies and face-to-face concept testing. P&G wanted to go beyond the boundaries of this traditional approach and reach out to consumers in their natural habitat: social networks!

A Wella Shockwaves branded Crowdicity community ‘The Style Crowd’ was created, launched and managed by Crowdicity partners, 100%Open and Catalyx. Over four days hundreds of consumers aged between 16 and 26 were recruited into the community through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, which kicked off the following process:

The 5 step consumer co-creation process:

1) Insight generation
The 500 consumers recruited into the co-creation community were asked some simple opening questions about how social media can be relevant to hair and how consumers might want to get ideas and inspiration for their hair online. This stimulated the community to create diverse and novel ideas and generated a high level of discussion and engagement. This input was distilled into 10 in-depth insights.

2) Ideation
A range of deeper questions was developed from the 10 insights and these were posted into Crowdicity to encourage the community to co-create marketing ideas linked to those insights.

3) Concept creation
Using the ideas and commentary generated from these 10 insights a number of creative concepts were put together by the project team.

4) Validation
These concepts were then fed back into the Crowdicity community to be ranked and commented on.

5) Evaluation
From beginning to end the whole process took only 5 weeks and cost a fraction of a the traditional focus group based process. More importantly they engaged with hundreds of consumers using products like theirs in the real world; doing their hair in their bedrooms whilst chatting and sharing with their friends on social networks.

On the back of the transformational success of the Shockwaves project, 100%Open and Catalyx have gone on to lead further Crowdicity consumer communities for the P&G brands Ariel, Flash, Fairy and Febreeze.

“Quite unlike anything we have used before and has given us over 12 months’ worth of marketing material in just 5 weeks. Truly brilliant stuff!”P&G Brand Manager

At a glance:

  • Better insights quicker - Shorten months of consumer and product research to just a few weeks

  • Co-create with consumers - Harness the creativity of your customers and consumers to discover new insights and ideas

  • Consumer validated - Go from zero to market tested and consumer validated concepts using the power of the crowd

  • Fraction of the cost - Crowdsource fresh ideas at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research

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