John Lewis

John Lewis Partnership’s is the UK’s leading retail business with over 81,000 Partners working across John Lewis and Waitrose.

The John Lewis Partnership wished to support ongoing dialogue and knowledge share between Partners, leaders and experts from all areas of the Partnership. To quickly and effectively share information with 300 directorate Partners, they needed a powerful realtime communication tool.

Crowdicity was adopted by John Lewis and has become the collaboration lynchpin for a number of important innovation, brand and change management initiatives. We provide a new way for the Partnership to facilitate democratic engagement and bring forward partner opinion from wherever they sit within the business.

“Crowdicity is an important vehicle for Partner input and influence.“Mark Fishman, Council Manager. John Lewis Partnership

Crowdicity has been in place within John Lewis Partnership for over 2 years, providing an always open channel of communication. It has removed the sole reliance on costly face to face meetings and has enabled the company to share insights, conversations, opinions, reports, feedback and valuable ideas easily, cost effectively and in real time.

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