World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Crowdicity powers World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) open innovation communities which play host to a wide number of innovation competitions, offering cash prizes to address a range of challenges around issues such as conservation, biodiversity and climate change.

With over 5m supporters and activities in over 100 countries, the WWF is one of the largest environmental organisations in the world with a commitment preserving biodiversity and reducing use of natural resources.

WWF Switzerland were looking to engage supporters, members, organisations and individuals across the global to collaboratively share and develop ideas and solutions in response to a series of Open Innovation Competitions run by the WWF.

Through Crowdicity, the WWF launched with a series of Open Innovation challenges around topics such as energy efficiency, milk production and biodiversity. Crowdicity enabled questions such as ‘How can the greenhouse gas emissions be reduced in milk production?’ and ‘How can biodiversity be promoted in rural areas?’ to be answered. Ideas and solutions are submitted to

The multi­phased challenges encourage ideas and contributions from the public and businesses alike. Crowdicity enables ideas to be captured, shared, enhanced and evaluated by the crowd. The best submissions are shortlisted and the idea authors given the opportunity to collaboratively improve and further develop their ideas before being evaluated by an expert jury panel and the winning project(s)/ idea(s) selected to receive an implementation fund of up to CHF 250,000.

The success of has given rise to other specialist innovation communities delivered through WWF Globally and other partner organisations and 1000’s of active community members.

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