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Crowdicity is a leader in innovation software, empowering our customers to harness the knowledge, experience and creativity of their people to discover new ideas, new perspectives, insights and opportunities.

Crowdicity is a fast growing social innovation company founded by a team of renowned industry players. We’re agile, we’re creative, focused and we love what we do and we are obsessed with helping our customers discover better ways of doing things and become better innovators.

Crowdicity has created lasting value for many of the world’s leading organisation, including the BBC, LEGO, Oxfam, WWF, John Lewis, NHS, Jewson, P&G.

Crowdicity is headquartered in the heart of the UK. For more information about how you can launch idea crowdsourcing in your organisation email hello@crowdicity.com or call +44(0) 115 948 6907.

Rob Wilmot

Rob is Co-founder and CEO of Crowdicity. He was one of the three founding executives of Freeserve, the transformational Internet Services Provider backed by Dixons Stores Group, where, after a £250 million IPO on the London Stock Exchange and New York NASDAQ, he became one of the youngest executive officers of a FTSE 100 company at the age of 29. Rob exited Freeserve after seeing through the £1.6 billion trade sale to Wanadoo, (A division of France Telecom.)

Rob now gives lectures and talks around the world and organises international events on the subject of innovation, business strategy, social media and digital marketing. He was made an honorary Doctor of the University of Bradford for his contribution to the Internet in the UK and is a Fellow within its School of Computing, Informatics and Media, where he helps with the commercialisation of research and IP. Rob is also an executive and non-executive director and chairman of a number of other ventures and public sector boards including the Cabinet Office Crown Commercial Service. He is also an FRSA with a passion for driving the skills agenda and education.

Nick Wright

Nick Wright is Co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Crowdicity, a social innovation software provider. For over 15 years Nick has helped organisations to better understand the power and potential mass-engagement through digital communication to create more meaningful relationships with customers, smarter collaboration amongst employees and drive break-through innovation. Nick has led transformational digital projects for leading brands and organisations such as Weetabix, NHS, The National Trust and Boots.

As Crowdicity's CPO, Nick has led the strategy to bring Crowdicity to the global market. His expertise lies in understanding the power of social media and emerging digital technology as an enabler for innovation and change within large organisations. Nick is a regular speaker and contributor on crowdsourcing, open Innovation and Social Enterprise.

Nick Wright

Marie Peach-Geraghty

Marie is an experienced account manager, having previously spent 5 years at Avery Dennison handling a range of high profile clients. As an Acccount Manager at Crowdicity, Marie has been on board with the company from its early days and has helped to build a wide and loyal customer base. In addition to working at Crowdicity, Marie is also completing a Masters degree in Creative Writing (part-time), she is motivated by creative thinking and all things collaborative.

Marie Peach-Geraghty

Amy Breedon-Jones

Amy is Customer Excellence Manager at Crowdicity: whether it's helping our current clients to shine or working on our digital presence, Amy is all about making our customers happy.

Amy Breedon-Jones

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