October 28 2016

Ideas for a high tech Halloween

by Amy Breedon-Jones, posted in Ideas and Features on 28 October 2016

If you’re anything like me, your social media feed has been full of dancing pumpkins since the first of October. This has given me plenty of time to consider how the latest tech can be employed in your halloween spooktacular.

Interactive costumes

For a low effort high impact costume, you’ll find a huge range of creepy effects available at the tap of an app.

Digital dudz are the brain child of ex-Nasa engineer turned YouTube star, Mark Rober who originally created his own DIY costume using two ipads to make it look like there was a gaping hole in his torso.

Out of this idea came a whole range of augmented reality costumes, sold by the ever popular Morphsuits On their site you will find a gruesome range of costumes and masks including: The beating heart zombie morphsuit , the eye rolling Cyclops mask or, if you you prefer your costumes more kooky than spooky, try this magic eight ball costume that changes its predictions when you jump up and down.

Gif of Cyclops mask from Digital Dudz

RFIDon’t believe it

If you really want to integrate tech into your halloween costume, you could consider having yourself implanted with an RFID chip.

From wearable tech that will unlock your phone to false nails that carry travel pass information, Near Field Communication hacks are pretty common these days, so why not take it a step further and make your costume a part of you.

With an RFID chip implant, you could open locked doors Jedi-style, with a wave of your hand, or you could hook up your new implant to your connected home, so that whenever you enter a room, the lights turn red, appliances spontaneously turn themselves off and on and the very air around you seems to chill!

In a few years we may be able to take this biotech one step further. You can already find electronic ‘tattoos’, and also thin film of electronics that sticks to the skin and can read a person’s facial expressions Combine these two technologies and we’ll soon have prosthetic skin that turns green when you get angry: SMASHing!


Now that your high tech costume is all sorted, it’s time to make your house good and creepy. In recent years, we’ve seen a trend of using holographic technology to bring performers who’ve passed away back to life through on stage projections.

While the use of projection to create special effects isn’t exactly new, it’s only recently become available to the commercial mass market.

This company specialise in creepy DVDs that you can project inside your house to create genuinely creepy effects.

A gif showing spooky faces projected onto windows

Simply project the video onto a translucent surface in front of your window and you’ll have small children (and the amazon delivery guy) fleeing from your house in no time.

Attack of the drones

If you really want to clear the neighbourhood, you could do worse than modifying a drone. As their popularity has increased, so too have the many creative ways in which drones are used.

Enterprising inventors have turned them into ghastly ghosts and ghouls: a decoration is even better if it can chase your guests!

This Grim Reaper from Tom Mabe is pretty eerie…

A drone made to look like the grim reaper

…but it has nothing on this, frankly terrifying, floating clown.

If you’ve seen any high-tec hijinks, or creatively creepy hacks, let us know in the comments!

Written by Amy Breedon-Jones for Crowdicity

Amy Breedon-Jones

Amy is Customer Excellence Manager at Crowdicity: whether it’s helping our current clients to shine or working on our digital presence, Amy is all about making our customers happy.

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